Jessie J Sweet Talker Album

Jessi J Sweet Talker Album Download Leak – Full Deluxe Edition for Free


Jessie J Sweet Talker Album Download





  1. Ain’t Been Done Burning Up (feat. 2 Chainz)
  2. Sweet Talker Bang Bang (feat. Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj)
  3. Fire
  4. Personal
  5. Masterpiece
  6. Seal Me With a Kiss (feat. De La Soul)
  7. Said Too Much Loud (feat. Lindsey Stirling)
  8. Keep Us Together
  9. Get Away
  10. Your Loss I’m Found
  11. Strip
  12. You Don’t Really Know Me


Jessie J is again on course for success: while the single “Bang Bang” already off the charts like Schmidt’s cat, brunette British has used the moment, revealing title, cover, tracklist and release date of their new album in one go.

If one of the many protagonists of the worldwide pop circus currently not can complain, then Jessie J: your current single “Bang Bang” is ten of the charts in several countries in the top, and at the VMAs, Grande and Nicki Minaj put them together with their partners in crime Ariana a highly acclaimed performance of the song down. But that isn’t enough: There are now also At last details for Jessies’s new album, “Bang Bang” is led by the Erfolgskollabo.

The third LP of the British, who once gained fame as a songwriter for stars like Chris Brown or Miley Cyrus, is “Sweet Talker” (to German: Raspler) hot and appear on the 10th October, so just over a year after its predecessor “Alive”. In addition to the cover also the tracklist of the album was also reveals and surprised with some unexpected features: the Max Martin-produced “burning up” with guest rapper 2 Chainz part has already been chosen as the next single. In addition, contributions of the legendary hip hop trio De La soul, as well as from star violinist Lindsey Stirling To find on “Sweet Talker”.

As producers of trendy names like Diplo, the-dream and Tricky Stewart are on board, to Jessie J with a chart suitable for pop-R & B sound to equip. “Alive” is sold after the resounding success of the debut “who you are” (2011) rather disappointing – after the spectacular start “Bang Bang” it might run but is expected to again better for “Sweet Talker”…

Not for long, then Jessie J (26) is At last their make fans happy with their new, third album, aimed particularly at their female fans. “Sweet Talker” to appear on October 13. For A few of the 15 songs that has “price tag” Stader is musical support by Ariana Grande (21), Nicki Minaj (31), and 2 Chainz (37) caught.

The catchy song “Bang Bang” was already a foretaste of the rest of the album. Sure, the singer treated especially the theme of love. In Jessie said the interview with Metro: “as women to be self-confident, a separation go through, fall in love, be sad, be angry – all of these things, seen as a woman, on the album To find.” And when it comes to the 26-year-old, a song of separation must be no sorrow and melancholy – Jessie has its own way to handle such feelings.

Also, the cover of their third work shows that a strong, confident woman inside of the musician, and it reveals A lot about the new songs. Revealed to the audience her insides in songs such as “Seal Me With A Kiss”, “Keep US Together”, “Said Too Much”, or “you don’t really know me”.


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